Surah Maryam memorisation buddying scheme
By filling this form out, you are agreeing to be part of Qabeelah Mass, Bradford Almaghrib's surah Maryam memorisation plan. By this, we will send you regular Quran and hifdh motivational reminders and also pair you up with someone to memorise the surah via a WhatsApp group with your allocated partner. This will involve you both regularly testing each other at mutually convenient times via your preferred means of communication (phone call, Skype, etc). You will work together with an aim of memorising an ayah a day with the aim of completing the hifdh of surah Maryam by the 17th of January 2020.

Please also follow QMass on Facebook in their quest to memorise surah Maryam - we can all achieve our goal if we work together as a team!

Please note that by entering this scheme, you have an obligation to your hifdh partner to strive and help each other to complete the surah.
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