St. Ignatius 2018 Spring Survey
We appreciate your honest feedback about your experience this past year at St. Ignatius. We will use this data to help with priorities and planning for next year. Thanks!
Mass you usually attend (if you are visiting today, please check the mass you are attending now):
How long have you been in the Parish?
I/We choose St. Ignatius because....
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Something I value about St. Ignatius is...
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Something that we could improve/change/do better at St. Ignatius would be....
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What brings you to St. Ignatius? (check all that apply)
Which of the following do you believe to be the most important priorities for the Parish to focus on next year? (please rank up to 3)
Are you aware of the following proposal: St. Ignatius Campus Renewal Project
Are you aware of the following proposal: Senior Independent Living Apartments
How do you typically learn about parish activities? Check any that are primary sources for you
Any additional feedback you would like to share?
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