Monterey HS Band Boosters Private Lesson Scholarship Program
Each application period for the MHS Band Boosters Private Lesson Scholarship Program will award approved applicants with scholarship money for five (5) private lessons. The scholarship provides for the Band Boosters to pay the private lesson teacher half the cost of each lesson, up to $15 each lesson. The student/parents are responsible for paying the lesson teacher for the remainder of the lesson fee. Responsibility for choosing a private lesson teacher and arranging the schedule falls on the student and parents, with assistance from the band directors as requested. Lesson teachers must be on our posted and approved list of recommended teachers in order to receive funds from this program. If you have a lesson teacher that is not on that list that you would like to use, you should visit with your band director to find out how to have them added to the list.
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As a parent of the applicant, I understand that this scholarship is an award, and that I am responsible for the remainder of the private teacher’s fee. I understand that the private teacher must be notified 24 hours in advance of a conflict, except in the case of an emergency. I understand my remaining balance needs to be paid directly to the private lesson teacher. All applicants will have to reapply each scholarship cycle. If you accept these terms please click "Agree", if not then please click "Disagree."
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Please write a brief (around 100 words is ideal) essay regarding what goals you wish to accomplish through this scholarship. All information will be confidential, and please don’t feel pressured to reveal any information with which you are not comfortable revealing.
As an applicant, I understand that I am responsible for maintaining a minimum of a C average in my classes other than band, and an 85 average in my band class. I understand that I am responsible for practicing what and how my private teacher instructs me to practice. If you accept these terms please click "Agree", if not then please click "Disagree."
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Private Lesson Scholarship Contract
The following contract states the requirements that must be met in order for students to remain on scholarship. These requirements are an ongoing contract. The contract is to protect scholarship money from being abused.

Scholarship Requirements
1. The student must be prepared for all lessons.
2. The student may not miss a lesson without a 24-hour notice to the private teacher (emergencies will be considered on a case by case basis).
3. The student must show progress on materials in lessons and in class.
4. The student must maintain a minimum of an 85 average in band.
5. The student must be academically eligible for all band performances.
6. The parent(s) must pay their portion of the lesson on time.
7. The student must participate in all fundraisers that fund the scholarship program.

Removal Procedures
The following outlines the procedure for scholarship recipients that do not meet the requirements to keep their scholarship.
1. Warning with a parent contact.
2. Removal of the scholarship.

*If the scholarship is removed, the student will not be eligible for another private lesson scholarship until the next school year.
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