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Luststreifen Film Festival Basel - Club
The nonprofit Club Luststreifen Film Festival Basel devotes itself to the cultural and political mission, to encourage the queer-feministic film and culture scene in Basel and all of Switzerland. The main goal of the club is to strengthen diversity and tolerance in society and by doing so achieving growing and visible acceptance of different ways of life. Luststreifen does not strive to gain financial profits and is politically and denominationally neutral and independent.

Benefits of the membership
Even if you don’t want to actively work at Luststreifen, you are supporting the continued realization of the festival and its goals with your membership contribution.

You will become part of a community interested in art that uses the medium of film to promote diversity and openness both among individuals and the community. The association supports young Swiss film talents and screenwriters, as the festival has become an attractive platform for submissions and networking meetings as well as prizes for artists.
You will receive a personal invitation and reduction for all events at the film festival.
Within the association you will find a large community that actively promotes discussion and diversity and is marked by strong social solidarity.

Become a member
The annual contribution for one membership period for individuals is CHF 20.- for AHV/IV/unemployed and CHF 40.- regular. For companies, patrons and organisations at least CHF 240.-.
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