Lifebeat Newspaper Application
LifeBeat is a publication dedicated to bringing health-related news to students in an accessible and relevant manner.

Our recent articles have covered topics such as mob mentality, gentian violet, human genome editing, and the science behind hangovers. You can find examples of previous articles at

We are currently looking for executive and general members. Please fill out the appropriate section below for the position you are interested in! Looking forward to meeting you all.

The positions we are currently hiring for are:

1. Assistant Editor
- Edits 1-3 articles per month
- Helps coordinate some other events during fundraisers with the Financial Director
- Writes at least 2 articles in the Winter 2020 semester

2. First Year Intern
- Shadows all other positions (i.e., Editor-in-Chief, Assistant Editor, Social Media/Promotions director and Financial director)
- Encourages general writers to write articles
- Writes at least 2 articles in the Winter 2020 semester

3. General Writer
- Submits 1-2 articles per semester in whichever science or science-related topic they want

If you are applying to be an Assistant Editor or First Year Intern, please fill out all the questions (last question is optional)!

Applications must be submitted by January 31, 2020 at 11:59 pm.
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Program and Year of Study *
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What do you hope to gain from being a part of Lifebeat Newspaper? What abilities, skills, and experience can you bring to this position?
What are some new ideas we can implement this year? (can be ideas for articles, fundraising, promotion, events, etc.)
How do you manage your time as a busy university student?
Any final thoughts, questions or information you’d like to share?
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