Tester Pool Application
Due to the speed at which my test calls are filling up, I am looking to make the application process more equitable so that Instagram users aren't shut out by the differing speeds that the algorithm shows different users my content at.

If you are interested in participating in a test knit for Aimee Sher, please fill out the following. When future tests become available, I will make the application available to those who may be a good match in my tester pool first based on this questionnaire, then open up to Instagram as needed. Hopefully this gives everyone a chance to apply in a less rushed manner.

The Adult Garment sizes listed below are unisex. I have no plans to design garments that are for any gender specifically.
Email *
First name *
Instagram handle (public profiles only please, as they are a testing requirement) *
Are you able to provide yardage information? *
Such as with a scale and weighing your yarn before/after each sock. Not required but would be helpful.
What kind of test knits are you interested in? *
Which sock sizes would you be interested in testing? *
What adult garment sizes would you be interested in testing? *
Listed sizes are Craft Yarn Council sizes and chest measurements, not finished measurements.
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