Support the Interfaith Coalition for Reproductive Health and Justice
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"As clergy, faith leaders, and people of faith from a wide spectrum of faiths, we affirm the sanctity of life by endorsing laws and policies that provide access to comprehensive reproductive medicine, including access to safe and legal abortion care, for women and families, and medically-accurate, age-appropriate sex education for teens.

Clergy and people of faith were at the forefront of advocacy at the beginnings of the family planning movement in the United States, just as religious leaders are today. With anti-abortion groups now receiving much attention, we disassociate ourselves from these restrictive voices and bear witness to the diversity in religious teaching regarding the purpose of our intimacy. We recognize that no single religious leader speaks for all people of faith and we protest the enshrinement of any faith strictures as public policy. We affirm the value of new life when we protect the capacity of the woman to determine her proper time to become a mother.

Many of our respective faith teachings and nationally endorsed denominational statements call for access to sex education, contraception and abortion care. What is more, the clergy experience providing pastoral counsel to women and families demonstrates the spirituality in the process of consulting with a medical provider and arriving at a personal conclusion about reproduction. Above all, uninvited religious leaders and government officials have no business imposing their personal faith strictures or religious definitions of medical services into the laws of the land or the private lives of women and families. Rather, people need medically accurate information, the opportunity for personal deliberation in accordance with their own moral codes, faith beliefs and consciences and access to the level of care they believe is right for them. Conscience is the moral high ground.

We value real religious liberty which upholds the right of each person to make their own faith-based or conscience-based healthcare decisions.  We join our clergy predecessors and people of faith in the past in advocacy for laws and policies that safeguard and strengthen access to reproductive medicine. And, we stand by the work of women’s health centers, including Planned Parenthood, for providing quality and affordable medical care and comprehensive sex education so vital to the well-being of our communities."

Thank you for supporting Planned Parenthood and this critical work.
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