Parent Survey
1. What grade level is your student(s)? *
2. How has at-home learning gone so far? *
3. The communication I am receiving from my child's teacher(s) is: *
4. What form of communication from TEACHERS works best for you and your student? *
5. What form of communication from Touchet School District works best for your family? *
6. How much time is your child spending in at-home learning? *
7. Regarding the amount of time work your student is doing, which statement BEST reflects your thoughts? *
8. Which of these at-home instruction models works best for your family? *
9. How would you describe your internet access at home? *
10. Does your student receive Special Education services from Touchet School District? *
11. What is working well with our current at-home learning model? (optional)
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