Patron Sinners - Nominations
This Walpurgisnacht, Satanic Bay Area will continue its tradition of inducting a new class of "Patron Sinners" -- those who embody our Satanic ideals. Here's where you can nominate your suggested Patron Sinners. Nominees will be selected, and the final group will be open for voting.

PLEASE ONLY NOMINATE SOMEONE ONCE. Nominees will be voted upon at a later time.

That being said: Pandora Noir and Khatharine Rad have been nominated already. Don't nominate them again. You can vote on them later.
Patron Sinner name
Is this person living or dead? (Please note that if you are nominating a living person, you must get their written permission for induction.)
If you were to sum up WHAT this person is the Patron Sinner of, what phrase would you use? (E.g., Patron Sinner of Music, Patron Sinner of Sex Workers, Patron Sinner of Revolutionaries.)
What Satanic ideals does this person embody? Why are you nominating them?
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