2018 National Reports of EMU Members
In order to facilitate the collection of national reports by EMU member organisations for the 44th General Assembly of the EMU to be held in Sofia, we ask you to fill out the form below.

This template is meant to make the collection of information easier and faster. However, if you prefer to hand in your report as a document, please feel free to send it to: office@musicschoolunion.eu

The deadline for handing in reports is 12 April 2019.
Name of the organisation:
Please list the main activities of your organisation during the year 2018 and give short descriptions of these activities:
Has your organisation been involved in international projects in 2018?
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If yes, please describe
Has your organisation accepted new members in 2018?
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If yes, please specify:
Has your organisation undergone any major changes in 2018?
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If yes, please describe:
What were the biggest challenges for your organisation in 2018?
What were the biggest achievements of your organisation in 2018?
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