Mental Health and Pandemic: Psychologist/Therapist Volunteer Form (India)
Covid-19 poses a grave threat to the mental well-being of individuals across spectrum, several of whom may not have the resources to access external help. The objective of this forum is provide:
- Reliable therapy/ counselling to individuals across all age-groups
- Identify cases that may need further medical escalation

Thank you for your interest in volunteering your time and for your service. I'm a student at The Wharton School and am working to put together a list of therapists/ psychologists/psychiatrists, who are willing to offer free services over the next few months. We are seeking qualified professionals with a background in counselling and psychology for mental health support.

Upon signing up, you will be contacted with a detailed document with guidelines and best practices to conduct these sessions as well as seek background information for verification. Please opt in for the number of hours you are most comfortable with. We will share your chosen window of availability via a website/ social media with young people, children, parents, anyone in India who would find this support meaningful for their mental well-being.

Please note: this would not be a paid platform. The goal is to reach masses, and offer our skills and time to the community at a time of need.

Please feel free to email your questions and concerns at
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