FASD Food Service Meal Survey
Dear FASD Families,

Due to the recent mandated school closures, the Freedom Area School District Food Service Department was granted a waiver by the State of Wisconsin to begin offering free daily lunches. Our FASD Food Service Department was appreciative of this waiver as we want to do everything we can to serve our community and help our students during this time.

Please note the following regarding this free lunch program:
1. Free lunch will be served to all students 18 and under (including any
student’s sibling(s) who may not yet be of school age).
2. Lunches will be served to any student regardless of eligibility.
3. Lunches will be provided via a Drive-through meal service as we
cannot have extra people entering our buildings.
4. Lunches cannot be consumed upon school property.
5. Lunches will be available for pick-up at Freedom High School (by
doors just outside the Freedom Agriscience classroom exterior
doors - On State Highway 55 side of building).
6. We will begin serving lunches (M-F) beginning on Monday, March 23,
2020, between 11:00 AM and 12:30 PM.

To sign up for free lunches, please fill out the short survey below so the FASD Food Service Department can get an exact count of how many lunches to prepare each day. You can also call your child’s school to tell them how many lunches your family will need on a given day. Please call your lunch order in prior to 9:00 AM each day. Thank you.

FASD Food Service Department
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