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TrueMentors Application Agreement
The information I provided on this application is true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I understand the information I have shared on this application is subject to this program's Policy on Confidentiality which I can review upon my request.

I understand the TrueMentors program is not obligated to accept, assign, or actively seek a volunteer for any child. If my child is accepted and placed on the waiting list, I understand that their placement with a volunteer is not guaranteed. My child may stay on the waiting list until the age of fifteen (15) at which time they would be removed from the waiting list.

Should my child be accepted into the TrueMentors program, I agree to release TrueNorth Community Services, the TrueMentors program, its agents, and officers from all liability concerning my child's involvement.

Clicking 'I agree' will be considered equal to a signature of agreement to the above statements.

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