Huron Pines Frog-Bit Challenge 2018
Please fill out this information soon after you gather frogbit.
Email address *
Phone number *
Name *
First and last name
Date surveyed *
GPS Latitude
Your GPS North coordinate should start with the number 45 and should have 6 numbers past the decimal point (example: 45.079300)
GPS Longitude
Your GPS West coordinate should start the number -83 and should have 6 numbers past the decimal point (example: -83.453539)
Garbage bags of frog-bit
Pounds of frog-bit (drained of water) *
1 full 42 gallon garbage bag = roughly 50 lbs of frog-bit
Other notes
Photo of area collected *
Please take a photo of the frog-bit patch before you collect the frog-bit.
Example photo of European frog-bit
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