KVFF Youth Performer Application 2021
Please check that you have given us your correct email address.

Support Material - if you can, please provide a web link for images, videos and sound clips. This is not essential.

If you email us for any reason, please use the name of your act as the subject of your email.

Enquiries: perform@kangaroovalleyfolkfestival.com.au

Phone: Stuart Leslie 0412 288923

The closing date is 30 Sept 2021 or when all spots are filled.
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Every youth act selected will receive a free weekend ticket and will get a performance spot in the "Chill Out Tent", our dedicated youth venue, and will have the opportunity to perform in one of the other blackboard venues. No performance fees are offered, but popular acts could be offered paid gigs at KVFF in the future.
The offer includes a free day ticket for one parent. Earlybird tickets are on sale from 1 July.
About Your Act
Brief Bio
Musical style, instruments and anything else you would like to say. Doesn't have to be folk music.
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Performers in other acts
Are any of the people in this act included in applications for other acts?
The festival commences 3pm Friday and finishes 6pm Sunday. Preference is given to performers who can stay for the whole festival.
Arrival Time *
Please estimate when you can arrive at the festival (e.g. 7pm Friday). We understand that some performers may not be available from 3pm Friday.
Times Not Available
List any times over the weekend when you are not available
Please provide any further information you believe we may need to know to assess your application.
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