Self-Summary Workbook
So, who are you?

Most people can explain in depth how they like their food prepared, but few can describe how they like to be loved.

We may have a general idea of who we are through our careers, past relationships, conversations with friends or family – even horoscopes! - but that’s just scratching our surface. There are so many people who fail at intimate connections and have absolutely no idea why. To truly know ourselves we have to understand our various intimate layers, and furthermore, we must learn the language to describe those layers to others.

This knowledge is what we are working towards with your Self-Summary Workbook, inspired by my new, upcoming book The Game of Desire. All of the activities and quizzes below were hand-picked by me because I believe completing them will improve your love life, sex life, and help you create more meaningful bonds.

*This Self-Summary Workbook is best experienced on a computer but can also be done from your mobile phone. Remember to click the "back" arrow instead of done when returning from the links back to the workbook.
**In a seperate tab open blank document to copy and paste all of your short answer responses. This will give the complete overview of your Self-Summary Workbook.

Remember to be open, honest and ready to level up your awareness of yourself!

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