Facepull Team Application
Character Information
Character Name *
Be sure to add any special characters, just as they are in-game.
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Server *
Note: To be on the <Face Pull> roster you must be on Aerie Peak.
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Character Class *
Preferred Spec *
Selecting more than one item indicates that you prefer to dual spec.
Character's Effective Item Level *
Your item level when wearing the gear you will be raiding in.
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Raiding and other Goals and Interests
On average, out of 10 raids, how many do you think you will attend the full 3 hr duration? *
What are your goals in World of Warcraft? *
Include personal goals, raiding, small groups, pet battles - all of it.
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Tell us about your relationship with Combat Logs. *
Please include URL to combat logs showcasing your talent.
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Tell us about your relationship with Mythic+ Keystone Dungeons *
Feel free to link your WoWProgress profile.
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Please describe how you approach raiding. *
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Raid Team Attributes
Rank each statement based upon how much you agree or disagree.
Raid should always start and end on time. *
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My raid team should strive to keep mumble clear of chatter and put 100% of their focus on being fast and efficient. *
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I am comfortable openly discussing my own performance issues, constructive criticisms and opportunities for improvement, on-the-fly, during raid. *
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I want my raid leader to push progression as hard as possible *
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Personal Information
This information will be kept confidential between you and the leadership of <Face Pull>.
First Name *
You may use a pseudonym if you are not comfortable sharing your real name.
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We prefer to respond to your application via email.
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Battletag *
What is your battletag with #?
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What do you like to be called in voice chat? *
Help with pronunciation if it's difficult or often mispronounced.
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We use Discord for all text communication outside of game and voice communication for raids. Are you comfortable installing and using this application on your phone and PC? *
Are you comfortable installing mandatory addons such as FPLift (loot system mod) and Boss Mods? *
Any information we missed?
Write whatever you want - set yourself apart!
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Have you read and agree to abide by the Facepull Code of Conduct and Policies? *
Links are found below in the "Other Information" section.
Other Information
Code of Conduct https://goo.gl/ZWznEN
Policies https://goo.gl/NEvjBQ
Trial FAQ: https://goo.gl/hroQhp

Contact Info
Twitter: @FacepullCTR
Email: CTR.Facepull@gmail.com
Web: http://www.facepullctr.com/
Discord Code: F8WV49r
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