Bethel School District 2020-21 Reopening Survey
Thank you for participating in this Bethel School District survey. The information gathered will help the District determine:
*Which students will choose 100% remote learning even after our schools are reopened to in-person instruction
*Which families need assistance with Technology
*How staffing will be allocated for in-person or remote instruction
(For parents of more than one Bethel student, please complete a separate survey for each child so our planning is as accurate as possible.)

LINK to Informational Slides:

Option 1: Hybrid. A combination model of both face-to-face, in-school learning and remote/online learning

This instruction model allows about half of each school's enrollment in the buildings at one time. It follows the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) and Oregon Department of Education (ODE) requirements of 35 square feet per person and allowing 6 feet of physical distance between students. The Hybrid model has the flexibility to quickly move to fully online in the event of another emergency closure.

School Schedule:
Students will be assigned to a group; Cohort A or Cohort B. They will be in school two consecutive days per week, combined with three days per week of at-home learning. Our schools do not have physical space to have all students in the building at one time while following OHA/ODE guidelines. Each Wednesday is reserved for deep cleaning in the schools according to the strict health and safety requirements. We will strive to have children from the same families attend on same-day schedules, regardless of their school.

The at-home remote learning portion of the Hybrid model may be a continuation of learning from the in-class instruction, and may consist of a virtual check-in, independent projects or work, and short videos of instruction for review.

Option 2. Bethel Online: At home all the time.

The Bethel Online model will follow ODE guidance for online programs. It includes both real-time online and Bethel teacher-led instruction, and supported independent online learning. Bethel Online is under development but will be a complete educational experience for your child if they choose not to - or are unable to - attend in-person. Bethel Online may be provided by a group of Bethel teachers from schools across the District dedicated solely to this model of instruction. Bethel teachers will provide a regular check-in on student progress.
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Hybrid Model
When Bethel is able to transition back to in-person learning, is your child most likely to attend school in the combination (Hybrid) model or comprehensive distance learning (Bethel Online)? Please know that your answer to this question is only advisory; you may change your family's plans prior to or during the school year. *
If you are planning for the combination (Hybrid) model when the virus metrics allow schools to reopen, your child will be attending two consecutive days in school. Which two consecutive days might work best for your family for in-person learning? (You will have an opportunity to work with your school for an option that meets your family's needs.) *
Do you qualify for district-provided transportation? *
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