Heritage Community Garden Questionnaire
The Heritage Community Association is looking for input on a proposed community garden. A community garden is a space where people can come together to grow fruits, vegetables and other plants in plots that are either tended by groups of people, or individuals. We would like to have a garden started for the 2021 spring season, and are looking for input from residents in the area to gauge their interest in participation, and how our garden can contribute to food security in our neighbourhood.
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What area of the neighbourhood do you live in (what is your nearest intersection)?
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Would you be interested in participating in a Community Garden in the Heritage neighbourhood?
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Why are you interested in participating in a community garden? Select all that apply:
Would you be willing to sit on a Community Garden committee?
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What would be the most ideal location for a community garden within the Heritage Neighbourhood, in your opinion?
How important is it for the garden to be physically accessible to people in wheelchairs or the elderly, with beds at different heights?
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What would you be willing to pay annually for a garden plot? Select any that apply
If you were to participate in a Community Garden, what kind of space would you be interested in? (Select all that apply)
What types of plants would you be interested in growing?
How much time would you be willing to spend working in the Community Garden?
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Would you be interested in attending programming such as learning about plants, gardening skills, or other events related to the garden (regardless of your participation in the garden itself)?
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Do you experience food insecurity (difficulty accessing enough good, healthy, and culturally appropriate food)?
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Is there anything else you would like to share?
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