S18 TAM Student Artwork Submission
Submission of multiple pieces or a series is encouraged, yet single images are also most welcome. We've scaled back any themes and are open to any images that are evocative of TAM. A team of ATLS faculty, staff, and students will curate the work and let all know submitters know of their standing by early March.

Prior to submitting your work, note the following:

*Artwork to be hung in one of these locations:
1) BTU hallway
2) ATLS lobby
3) TAM suite (233)
4) B1 hallway

* Submissions will only be accepted from currently enrolled TAM students (certificate, minor, major, graduate student)

* Printing free of cost in the Heliolab (see hours at tam.colorado.edu)

* Frames provided by TAM, but you must mount and frame your images + print and mount title cards (more instructions on this to follow for those selected)

1. Short description of the work (title, explanation, materials, other considerations) *
2. Will your work fit into a 20x30 frame after printing? *
3. How long may we display the work? *
4. Your contact info (Name & ***email***) *
Upload at least one photo of your work (Max 5) *
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