AMPG "Habitat" 2020 |Virtual Conference Satellite Site | Sede Satelite para Congreso Virtual
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Do you have an on-site interpreter? Cuentas con interprete? if yes, specify to which language. En caso de sí, especifique a cual idoma.
Number of participants you expect to gather for the sessions (estimated range ie. min 15, max 30) | Rango estimado de asistentes a su sede
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Name of contact person and position within host organization (ie. Jane Doe, faculty member) | nombre y titulo de quien registro la sede (ie. Juanita Pérez, Directora)
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Name of institute/organization applying to host a satellite group | nomre de instituo/asociación
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Given the number of participants you expect to be able to gather, and your local economy, how much would you reasonable be able to pay *as a site* (not individual participant fees) to have access to 12-15 online workshops (some in real time, some from a video bank because of time differences among satellite sites) during the course of the conference weekend?
What would be the makeup of your participant group? (check all that apply) | ¿Quienes asisitrían en tu sede?
Your participants can understand presentations/workshops given in: | tus asistentes pueden entender sesiones impartidas en:
Location (city, country) | ubicación (ciudad, país)
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