Ergo Equipment Loan Agreement Form
As part of the injury prevention program, the Office of Risk Management & Insurance Ergonomics Program loans out various ergonomic equipment and workstation accessories. This equipment, offered at no charge during the two week trial period, assists employees in modifying their workstations to reduce their risk of injury. Additionally, this service allows the individual to evaluate ergonomic items to determine which of those products will most improve their work environment, make their work area more productive and reduce risks for injury.

Once the two week trial period has ended, the item must be returned to the Office of Risk Management & Insurance. The employee may only keep the loan items if they or their department replaces the loaned items using the ordering information provided. This ordering information can also be utilized to order new items for the employee's workspace. When the loan period ends, alternative equipment can be requested for a new loan period with the completion of a new loan agreement.
Items loaned must be returned in good condition, no later than two weeks from loan date, unless the CSU Ergonomics Team authorizes an extension of the contract. It is the employee's responsibility to contact the Ergonomics Team to request an extension of their equipment loan. Failure to request an extension or to return the loan items may result in departmental charges for the equipment loaned.

Additionally, as a condition of the equipment loan, the employee takes responsibility for the care and return of the equipment or agrees to pay the replacement cost.

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