Exploring Gender Norm and Expectations - Teen Discussion Group
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Our upcoming group will be focused on "Exploring Gender Norms and Expectations". We'll be sharing experiences, advice and just have a space to talk about the many things that might be on our mind related to this topic and how these expectations impact all of us. We'll also have time to talk about other topics related to gender!

Upcoming Group Dates:

January 29th 4-5pmPST / 7 pm EST

February 5th 4-5pmPST / 7pm EST

February 12th 4-5pmPST / 7 pm EST

February 19th 4-5pmPST /7pm EST

Feel free to join us by video or audio, hop on for one of the groups or join us for all of the groups for the month- whatever you’re comfortable with. Discussion groups are a safe space online and all are welcomed who are 13-19 years old, respect the space and people, and are ready to have fun talking or listening about gender and the world we live in.

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