DIY Space Impact Report
Every answer helps us plan for the future, get funding and do more of what matters at DIY Space.
If you have organised (or attended) an event at DIY Space for London please add your thoughts on this form. It really helps us grow DIY Space and change it for the better. There is a space for you to add personal testimony; your words and feelings are valuable: we can use them to encourage people to support the space!
What was the event?
When was the event?
Does not need to be exact (e.g. summer 2017)
What impact did your event have? Try and include numbers where you can, numbers of artists supported, and/or attendees.
How many people benefited?
Rough estimate of the number of people who benefited from the local area (e.g. Southwark, Lewisham or South London)
Personal Testimony
Please share an account of the impact that DIY space has had on you. If you're happy to have your testimony used in fundraising material please indicate. Also please include a name that you're happy to have published.
Are you happy for this to be published?
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