''YOUth for the FUTURE'' youth exchange
European Ways e.V. NGO together with "Yeghvard" Youth Ecological NGO and its initiative ''WE'' Youth NGO of Lori Region will organize a youth exchange "Youth for the Future", which will target the problems of drinkable water and natural resources.
The project will take place on 20-29 of April in Aghveran village, Region of Kotayk, Republic of Armenia.

The main goal of “Youth for the future” project is to raise awareness of the youth in EU and non-EU partner countries on importance and preservation of drinking water.

Objectives of youth exchange are:
1) Improve the participants' working skills on tree planting and care
2) To develop participants' work skills on paper handling and recycling
3) Increase the level of involvement of participants in their community-based natural resource conservation processes
4) Promote the creation of an international network to save drinking water
5) Contribute to the sectoral exchange of experience of the participants
6) Increase the level of involvement of participants by developing their practical skills in natural resource conservation processes.
7) Give the youth a possibility to organise their own environmental projects

Participant requirements
• To have both interest on the topic of the project and an active participation.
• Young people ages from 18-30.
• To have a fluent level of English so they can participate and communicate.

The participating countries are Armenia, Germany, Italy, Estonia and Lithuania.
The deadline for applications is 10 of April, 2018 .

more information here https://goo.gl/uaAaMa

If you have any question don’t hesitate to contact us!

Sirarpi Manyan +37494221061 (whatsapp, viber), sirarpimanyan@yahoo.com,

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