Lucky Tonight Hunt 2
Welcome to the Lucky Tonight Hunt 2.
Rules are as follows:

1) Hunt locations with store order will now be provided on the website only.

2) Be sure your hunt prim is out by February 27th.

3) You may resize the hunt prim but do not change the texture.

4) Be sure if anything goes wrong with your store you let us know ASAP. (Moved Store NC is on pack)

5) Theme is Lucky Tonight, So show us how you celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

6) Be sure hint notecards are submitted no later than February 16th so all information can be placed on the website. Failure to do so will cause you to be removed from the hunt.

7) Be sure hunt poster and hint giver is out where hunters can see it.

8) No need to set your prim for sale it is already done for you. Instructions are in the PLEASE READ notecard along with timeline.

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