Winter Field Trips & Fall Evaluation
We'd like to get your feedback on our Fall session together. And we'd like to learn about what you want with Winter field trips. This information will help us determine the types of field trips to plan. You can also volunteer to coordinate and lead a field trip if you have connections with a business or school and would like to set something up!
Who are you? *
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Where are you willing/able to travel for a Winter Cadre field trip? (select all that apply) *
Please note that there may not be field trips available in all of these locations. However, knowing what locations people are able to travel to will help us plan trips to accommodate your needs as best we can.
Are there specific dates, days of the week, or periods of time when you would not be able to participate in a winter field trip? (All winter field trips will take place between mid-late October through February.)
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What time period would work best for you to participate in a field trip? (select all that apply)
What type of field trip are you most interested in participating in during Winter Cadre? *
What types of business/industry trips would you be most interested in?
Are there any specific businesses, historical sites, museums, etc that you are interested in as a possible field trip for winter?
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What grade levels are you most interested in observing on a learning walk?
Do you already participate in learning walks with your district?
Are you likely to go on more than one trip during winter if that option is available?
Do you know of the perfect place to go on a field trip? If so, let us know!
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Are you interested in leading a field trip?
If so, please let us know if you have a specific location in mind or if you're open to suggestions.
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Did you attend Fall Cadre on September 25-26? *
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