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Eligibility Check:
Here are some examples of what might make a students eligible for a bursary. We will also consider applications that don't match these examples. Circus is for everyone.

In receipt of benefits:
Universal Credit (with a household income of less than £23, 000), JSA/ESA, Pensioners, Housing Benefit, Asylum Seeker (SS or NASS), DLA (either yourself or your child), or Working Tax Credit.

Low income:
Current full-time student and/or an annual family income of £23, 000 or less.

Our bursaries are currently for under 25s. Please get in touch if you are over 25 and require a bursary
To Apply:
Please fill in the form below. This form can be filled in by a parent, guardian, teacher or referring organisation. Please get in touch via if you have any questions.

Fields marked with an asterisk must be filled in.
Section A: General information
Important information about the student that allows us to plan our classes to make sure they are safe and have fun
Course(s) Applying for: *
Student's name: *
Student's date of birth: *
Name of person filling in application: *
Parent / Guardian/ Referring organisation: *
Address with postcode: *
Mobile: *
Emergency phone: *
Important: Disability/ Allergy/ Learning Needs. Please give details
I understand that CC may share medical/ disability information with authorised staff (e.g. the students mentor). We only share medical/ disability information when it is necessary to make sure the student is safe and able to join in. *
Section B: Statistical information
The next few questions give us 'statistical information' that funders ask us about. Answers to these questions are always given as 'quantified data'. This means that the information is given as numbers or statistics, with no way of identifying which student the information is about.
Student's Gender *
Student's Ethnicity *
Other ethnic group
What area/ward does the child live in? *
Is the student in education or employment? *
Section C: Bursary information
This bit tells us why this bursary is for you
Why would a bursary benefit this child or family? *
Why do you need this bursary fund? (Please refer to our eligibility check for examples/ tell us of any circumstances you would like us to be aware of). *
What discount do you need? *
Section D: General questions
If you are new to CC how did you hear about us?
Clear selection
I accept that by submitting this form I agree to the Conditions of Membership. I authorise CC to add the information in this form to the Members Database *
I am happy to receive infrequent information via email about CC courses, shows and events (this data will be stored with GDPR compliant company MailChimp). *
I have read, understood and agree to CC's Privacy notice *
Section E: Photo Permissions

We need permission to take photos/videos during classes, workshops, events and performances for the purposes of marketing, publicity and/ or archiving.

These photos will never be shared with an identifying information (age, location, etc.). There may be times where we will share first names, but only with explicit consent from the legal guardian and the student.

I give permission for CC to take photos/videos during classes, workshops, events and performances for marketing/ publicity and/ or archiving *
Some guardians and family members or friends may film/ take photos for their own personal use. Do you consent to this? Please understand that due to Data Protection, if you select no, we will not be able to allow any parent/ guardian to record a show in which your child appears. *
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