TAG's 9th Annual Education for Liberation Conference - May 5, 2018
TAG Philly invites you to participate in our ninth annual Education for Liberation Conference.

Connecting the Dots: Building Solidarity to Transform our City and Schools

It is critical that we see how issues of education justice connect directly to broader movements for racial, economic and gender justice. When we connect the dots, we recognize our responsibility to deepen our analysis, strengthen our commitment to solidarity, and push ourselves toward further action.

What does it mean for students, families, and educators to be in solidarity with each other?

At this conference, we invite participants to see the connections between struggles inside and outside of schools so that we challenge the social systems of violence that make it hard for any of us to show up whole.

Below are 5 ways to participate: facilitate a workshop, display student work in a gallery, share resources at a table, facilitate an informal lunch conversation and/or volunteer. Choose how you would like to participate and complete that section (or those sections) of the form below by Friday, April 6.

Then spread the word to others to join us!

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We invite you to share a workshop with the social justice education community in Philadelphia. We welcome workshops that are focused on political education (e.g. intersectional analyses of how institutional oppression affects our students, our schools, ourselves as educators), deepen understanding of the current context, curricular ideas, instructional strategies and teaching practice, and community work. We believe in participant-centered workshops, so we invite interactive activities and discussions. We particularly encourage student-facilitated workshops. We invite workshops that connect with the guiding question for this year's conference: What does it mean for students, families, and educators to be in solidarity with each other?

We will let you know whether your workshop has been accepted in early April.

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For the third year, we are creating a gallery of student work. Do your students have creative or non fiction writing pieces, poetry, visual art, community projects or other efforts to show off?
Write a brief (one sentence) description of the work you will be displaying.
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A key component of the day are the tables, where individuals can share curriculum, projects, or other resources that would be of interest to people attending the event.
What is the general focus of your curriculum, project and/or resource?
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At lunch we provide opportunities for information conversations around a theme.
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We would love to have your help making sure the conference is smooth and successful.
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We're looking forward to your participation on May 5!
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