UIoSA Ganesh Festival - Volunteer Registration form for onsite activities
Mandatory for all volunteers to complete the below form. (For more details, please contact our compliance officer Dr. Kapil Chousalkar on unitedindiansofsa@gmail.com) or call Rakesh Gupta (0435 095 055) / Dilip Kulkarni (0401 317 851)

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Declaration : I agree to carry out the tasks specified in the duty statement for that job to the best of my ability and to abide by the requirements in the Volunteer Policy. I have declared all information that might prevent me from doing any agreed tasks in a satisfactory way. I understand that either party can end this arrangement. *
I, the undersigned, have read all the terms and conditions of volunteering at the event. Information provided in the above form is accurate, and if there are any changes/corrections, I will contact the organizers in writing, to let them know. (Please type your name below) *
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