Shaky Beats Food Vendor Application
Thanks for your interest in becoming a Food Vendor at Shaky Beats Festival!

Completing this application does not guarantee acceptance; vendor will be notified if they are invited to participate at Shaky Beats Fest. If accepted, you will receive a detailed agreement outlining all of the requirements to participate.

Note that you will only receive a copy of your submitted application. This means we have officially received your application and will be reviewing shortly.

All food vendors will be required to carry insurance and additional insure Shaky Beats Festival and our partners.

Both food trucks and food vendors will be considered.

All food vendors & trucks will be required to use Festival-provided power; personal generators will not be allowed (no exceptions).

Food vendors & trucks will also be required to use POS tablets to accept credit cards and cashless payments by patrons. Specific details will be provided to confirmed food vendors.

Staff for food vendors & trucks will be limited to 5 individuals per festival (additional vendor passes may be available for purchase).

Vendor Categories

Food Booth: 10’ x 20’, $2,000 fee + $500 Refundable Security Deposit

Food Booth: 20’ x 20’, $3,750 fee + $500 Refundable Security Deposit

Food Truck: $2,000 fee + $500 Refundable Security Deposit

What We Provide

Food Booth: tent, signage, 60 amps of power, service counter, grease/grey water collection, handwashing, vendor only restrooms, staff credentials, and two point of sale tablets.

Food Truck: space for food truck, 50 amps of power, grease/grey water collection, vendor only restrooms, staff credentials, and one point of sale tablet.

*additional power available at vendors expense
** refrigeration space available at nominal cost

All questions should be directed to

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