Global Quantum Programming Workshop | QSilver - Application Form
As QWorld, we are happy to announce that we are organizing an online and free workshop on quantum computing and programming. The workshop will be held online between May 17 and May 22. During the workshop, we will use our intermediate level tutorial Silver which consists of Jupyter notebooks involving theoretical content and practical tasks.

The content of the workshop includes:
- Introduction to complex numbers,
- Quantum states and operators with complex numbers,
- Bloch Sphere,
- QFT and its applications,
- Shor's algorithm

Each day at 15:00 GMT, there will be a live session conducted in Zoom about the subjects of the day as well as live mentor support which will be provided from Discord. Participants are expected to study 2-3 hours a day to complete the tasks in the notebooks.

Application dates are between April 26 - May 9. Applications later than the deadline won’t be taken into consideration.

Requisites for application:
- Completing Bronze Workshop or an equivalent course
- English proficiency
- Performing necessary installations (Anaconda, Qiskit, Cirq etc.)

Application procedure:
- Please fill out the application form and complete the test
- The application of a minor (14 to 17 years old) should be completed together with his or her guardian.

Participants who complete the daily assignments given in Canvas successfully will receive a QSilver Diploma.

Please check the event page for the details:
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