STEM Shadow Day Evaluation
Thank you for completing this evaluation of MESA's STEM Shadow Day, held on Thursday, November 17, 2016. It will help our MESA staff prepare and share best practices for our annual MESA STEM Shadow Day. Any # of your company employee/colleague participants may complete this evaluation on behalf of your company/facility.
What were your reasons for participating?
What company/facility do you represent?
What settings were the students exposed to?
How many of your company employees/colleagues participated in MESA STEM Shadow Day?
Were the students matched one-to-one with an engineer or scientist?
Did you feel that the students sent to your company were a good 'match'?
MESA staff match students to company participants based on company requested eligibility (citizenship requirements, class levels such as high schoolers, college students, etc.) and then based on students' majors and interests.
Did the students have an opportunity to participate in a 'hands-on' project?
Did the students have an opportunity to tour your facilities?
How would you rate the following items?
Very Good
Not Applicable
Announcement of MESA STEM Shadow Day
MESA STEM Shadow Day application
Student roster information
Students' level of interest/engagement
Students' level of professionalism
Students' potential level of employability
Overall MESA STEM Shadow Day experience
Best practices: What worked for your company during MESA STEM Shadow Day that you would recommend to other companies/facilities?
Your answer
What assistance could the MESA staff provide to help improve your MESA STEM Shadow Day experience and/or students' experiences in future MESA STEM Shadow Days?
Please provide your honest feedback. Note that unfortunately, MESA does not have a budget for MESA STEM Shadow Day and thus relies on carpooling, which MESA staff facilitates among the students.
Your answer
Thank you!
Thanks again for your feedback! Note that our MESA STEM Shadow Day is an annual event, typically held the Thursday prior to Thanksgiving. A recap of MESA STEM Shadow Day will be posted by the SDSU MESA program, along with any photos you may have shared.
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