SOICOCO Waiting List
We heard the calls for more coco-desserts and here's a wait-list for us to serve you better!

-Coconut Pudding (To be consumed within 4 days)
-Coconut Shakes (To be consumed within 2 days)
-Coconut Soft Serves (To be consumed within 2 days)
-Organic Gula Melaka (1 year)

-For orders below $50 , a delivery fee of $10 will be chargeable.
-Maximum of 2 addresses can be added to an order. (Every address added will be $10)

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Coconut Pudding (Set of 5) , $24.80
Coconut Pudding (Set of 10) , $52.80 with delivery
Coconut Pudding (Set of 15) , $73.90 with delivery
Coconut Shake (Set of 3) , $14.90
Organic Gula Melaka (240g) , $10.90
Coconut Soft Serve (Set of 3), $14.90
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