Questionnaire for CNIT10/128 students
to learn the effectiveness of streaming video, archived videos and broadcasted videos for CNIT students
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Which of the following most accurately describes your use of live-streamed and/or archived course videos for CNIT10/128?
Did you watch CNIT10/128 lectures on Educational Access Television (Fridays at 12:00pm on Comcast/Wave channel 27 in San Francisco)?
If you did not watch CNIT10/128 lectures on Educational Access Television, why?
How helpful were the video lectures for understanding course material?
Not helpful at all.
Very helpful.
How many times did you watch each video lecture on average?
Not at all.
I watched 5 times or more.
Did you use the video lectures to review course material ahead of exams and quizzes?
If you answered yes, how helpful were the videos for test preparation?
Not helpful at all.
Very helpful.
The video lectures were good quality and easy to play.
The slides in the video lectures were easy to read and understand.
Which of the following class configurations would you find effective for future CNIT courses? Select all that apply.
If the video experience was not good for you, please tell us why with as much detail as possible.
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Please feel free to add any comments about your experience with CNIT streaming, YouTube, or broadcasted videos!
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