Scholarship Application: I Survived The Fire, Now What? (Online Writing Workshop Led By Crystal Valentine)
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There are slots open for full-tuition and partial tuition for Crystal Valentine's summer workshop. Please see scholarship descriptions below:

~The Golden Scholarship: Myles S. Golden is a black gender-nonconforming trans-femme visual artist and poet, as well as the 2018 College Union Poetry Slam Invitation winner as part of the New York University slam team. In honor of Golden, this need-based scholarship provides support for gay, lesbian, bi, queer, trans, gender-nonconforming people of color.

~The Young And Poppin' Scholarship: This is a need-based scholarship for youth between the ages of 13 and 19.

~The Origin Scholarship: This is a need-based scholarship for anyone who was not born in the United States, regardless of their present state of residence.

~The Foundation Scholarship: America is known for its selective memory and its participation in the erasure of communities of color, especially Indigenous communities. Crystal rejects this erasure and acknowledges the first inhabitants of the land upon which she was born. This need-based scholarship provides support for Indigenous people living in America.

~The Valentine Scholarship: This is a general need-based scholarship that provides aid to all participants of the workshop.

*Note: The scholarship application deadline is Thursday, June 28th at 11:59 EST. No scholarships will be accepted after this date and time. Please do not hesitate to email all inquires to

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Prompt: In addition to survival, Crystal's workshop will explore themes of radical truth and forgiveness. Do you believe in forgiveness? What does forgiveness look like to? If not forgiveness, then what do you believe in? (200 words or less) *
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