Unscrewed Theater's Sunday SmashUp
Wanna come play? 6pm MST on the last Sunday of the month. On Zoom!

Open to improv acts of any size - and from anywhere - the Sunday Smash Up is like an online open-mic night - but for improv! Each show will feature up to five teams in 10-minute slots, chosen randomly from all who sign up to play. Chosen teams will be informed on the Sunday one week before the show. ("Team" can also mean solo act if you do one-person improv and want to join in!)

Additionally, anyone from those teams can opt into the jam at the end of the show, where 6 names will be drawn to perform in pairs for three 3-minute scenes. Play with new people!


Sign up with this form for the next Sunday Smash Up, and we'll contact you with all the details you need to know!
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Who's on the team?
We need a list of all the players and their email addresses. If your team is selected, each player will get an individual invite from Zoom with their own link to the show.

Ann Smith, smith@example.com
Ed Jones, ejones@example.com
Performers' Names & E-mail Addresses *
What kind of improv do you do? (To help us introduce you correctly) *
Where are you based (city and/or theater)?
Is your improv "family-friendly"? (That is, safe for kids to watch, no adult language, etc. Note: not a disqualifier, just making sure we advertise the shows appropriately.) *
Waitlist: If your team is not selected (by random drawing) for this week's show, but another team drops out of the show, do you want us to contact you to join in? (Might be very short notice.) *
List the performers' names we should include in the drawing for the jam at the end of the show.
Anything else we need to know about your team (special technical needs, etc.)?
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