APPLICATION for TC "Story by Story for building Community"
Training Course in Latvia
11th – 19th October, 2018

Aim of the Project - to develop the capacities of youth workers to create transformational and sustainable learning environments for social inclusion using Storytelling method.

Objectives of the Project
- To enable 24 youth workers to get to know and experience the non-formal method of Storytelling.
- To enhance the skills of 24 youth workers in guiding young people with fewer opportunities on the path of social inclusion using the method of Storytelling.
-To increase the motivation of 24 youth workers to work with youth with fewer opportunities for their social inclusion.
- To create a bridge of transferability of both theoretical frame and the methodology of the Storytelling method towards the community.

This Training Course will be based on non-formal learning principles which means learining by doing, learning to be, learning to be with others and learning to learn.
We will use methods of improvisation theather, team building activities, brainstorming, disscussions, storytelling in various different ways, creative writing, outdoor activities, community work with real young people etc.

Participants - youth workers, social workers, teachers, youth leaders that are professionaly involved in social, educational and youth work.

Participants should
- have a current and at least 1 year long experience in working with young people with fewer opportunities (as a volunteer or paid worker)
- be ready for follow-up activities (sharing gained knowledge with colleagues within and outside the organization, organizning at least 1 foloow-up activity with at least 10 young people)
- have fluent English language skills

DEADLINE FOR APPLYING 16th September, 2018

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