Mentor/Mentee Profile Sheet
Trinity Church is excited to announce we will be introducing a Mentoring Ministry. We will be offering a 6 month program we are calling “Mentoring For Spiritual Growth.” The purpose of this program is to help individuals grow in their personal walk with God, learn about Christian faith and practice, and engage with someone who is further along in their own spiritual journey.

This is a relational approach to discipleship. The key components are as follows:

● A curriculum based journey through foundational aspects of the Christian faith, all in the context of supportive relationships
● A twice a month meeting with an assigned mentor one on one

The curriculum we will be using is Called “Biblical Foundations” and involves a study through the major pentecostal doctrines of our faith.

By filling out this form you are opening a door of great significance, you will either have the opportunity to mentor someone who is younger in the faith or you will have the opportunity to have someone mentor you. Please be sure to specify below which option you are looking for. This profile sheet will then be used to help pair mentors with mentees based on certain aspects you may have in common with others who filled out this form. Thank you in advance for taking the time and interest in this exciting new ministry.

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Thank you for taking the time to fill out our Mentoring/Mentee profile sheet. We are praying for your spiritual growth and will be using this information to provide you with a Mentor/Mentee who will be a good match for you. You will be contacted shortly.
Pastor Mark
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