Bayton 2019 Android Enterprise experience survey
Thanks very much in advance for sharing your experiences with Android Enterprise in your organisation!

The following questions aim to gain a general understanding of how Android as a platform, and the efforts of Google and ecosystem partners to educate and enable organisations like yours are meeting your requirements and expectations in order to effectively and successfully bring mobility projects to fruition.

There are 10 sections all together, however some will be skipped depending on how key questions are answered to avoid presenting non-relevant topics.

Your responses will contribute to a larger dataset, and will not be used independently. Results will be used to form a report outlining the findings, but equally where to focus for documentation and content on

When ready, please click next to continue!


Note to MSPs, VARs and other service providers/resellers with a customer base. If you'd be willing to share this to gain an understanding for your own purposes I'm happy to create a whitelabeled version providing the results also contribute towards the dataset being collected in the main survey. Get in touch to discuss -
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