Pastured Pork Order Form - Quarter Hog
Thank you for your interest in purchasing a quantity of our non-GMO pastured pork raised in beautiful Bangor, Michigan!

Please note that availability of items may be subject to change, but we look forward to working with you to make sure you get the best quarter hog possible.

**Note: We are running a winter sale for 12% off quarter hog orders! Quarters are normally $225 and by taking advantage of this sale, they will be $200 final price for you.

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Choose from the options below to customize your quarter hog.
***PLEASE READ*** To complete this form, select the cuts of meat that you would like to have included in your quarter. A pig is not all one kind of cut so you will be expected to take a little of each, but small substitutions are allowed. You have a budget of 30 lbs to spend across all cuts. Once you have chosen the cuts you would like, please add them up yourself to ensure that they equal 30 lbs, otherwise you will have to select again.
1. We offer two kinds of bacon: thick cut and callie. Describe which kinds you would like equating to 4 lb. (They come in ~1-lb packs) *
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Would you like additional packs of bacon at $10/pound for thick cut and $9/pound for callie?
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2. Bratwursts (choose number of pounds - they come in 1-lb packs) *
Bratwurst flavors available are Andouille, Italian, and Regular. Please describe which flavors and how many pounds for each. *
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3. Pork chops (choose number of pounds) *
4. Ribs (choose number of pounds) *
5. Ham, steaks or roast (choose number of pounds) *
7. Pork loin roast (choose number of pounds) *
9. Ground pork sausage (choose number of pounds - they come in 1-lb packs) *
Flavors vary based on seasonal availability and we will try to communicate to you what we have in stock. Sausage flavors available are Italian, Regular, Chorizo, and Plain (unspiced) ground pork. Please describe which flavors and how many pounds for each. *
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10. Breakfast sausage links/patties (choose number of pounds - they come in 1-lb packs) *
How do you wish to receive your quarter? *
Any other considerations?
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Thank you for supporting Understory Farm& Orchard!
We appreciate your support and hope to serve you again.
After we process your order, we will email you the bill and work towards getting you your pork as soon as possible.
Feel free to call or email us with any questions you may have.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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