KDT Minyan Sign Up - Parshat Noach
We look forward to welcoming you back to our Beit Knesset.

Please select each minyan that you will be attending.

In accordance with Ministry of Health guidelines, minyanim are restricted to 20 attendees. Places at our minyanim will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

Minyanim will take place in the outside spaces on the school campus.


As mentioned, we are resuming minyanim at our Beit Knesset adhering to the Ministry of Health directives. As such, we have set out the following guidelines:

1. All attendees must wear a mask on the face at all times.
2. The maximum number of people in each minyan is 20 people.
3. Social distancing guidelines must be followed before, during and after tefilla, including during Kriyat haTorah – keeping 2 meters apart.
4. Siddurim, chumashim and tallitot will not be available at shul. Please bring your own.
5. Children from Kita Daled and above only will be permitted to attend.
6. Those over 65 or with underlying medical conditions should only attend after seeking appropriate medical advice.
7. Those displaying any symptoms of Covid-19, such as a fever or persistent coughing, and those who live in the same house as someone displaying symptoms, must not attend. Similarly, those who are obligated to be in quarantine must not attend.
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Shabbat Hashkama (07:00)
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Maariv Motzaei Shabbat (18:34)
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