BELLRINGER: FRESHMAN TECHNOLOGY- The "Flowcharts Are Cool" Thinking Sheet.
Not everyone knows this, but Flowcharts are actually REALLY COOL! To prove this point, check out ONE of the following links, which each contain a rather involved flowchart for you to inspect. Then, answer the questions below, using complete sentences and proper grammar.

1) The "Procrastination" Flowchart:

2) The "What Should I Wear and Do on My Date" Flowchart:

3) The "Will You Survive the Zombie Apocalypse?" Flowchart:

4) The "Plotline of All First Person Shooters" Flowchart:

5) The "What Species Did You Evolve From?" Flowchart:

6) The "Will I Work at McDonald's?" Flowchart:

HELPFUL HINT: USE CTRL + and CTRL - to enlarge and shrink your screen as needed to see your flowchart!

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QUESTION ONE: Describe what a "Flowchart" is. We discussed this the other day at the start of class. Explain the definition in your own words. *
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QUESTION TWO: Which FLOWCHART linked above did you select to review? *
Question THREE: Can you find the START point of your flowchart? Where is it? What is it? *
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QUESTION FOUR: Give some examples of DECISIONS from the flowchart. What are the outcomes of these decisions? *
(Decisions SHOULD BE in DIAMOND shapes for an official flowchart, but not all are for this activity!)
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QUESTION FIVE: Trace a path of your flowchart from beginning to end. In a two sentence summary, describe the process that the chart outlines. *
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QUESTION SIX: Describe the ENDING of the flowchart. Is there just one ending, or multiple endings? Are some successful and others unsuccessful? Describe. *
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QUESTION SEVEN: Is the information in this flowchart accurate, according to what you know of the topic? Describe. *
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QUESTION EIGHT: Admit it, flowcharts can be kinda cool! *
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