BBQ Cook-Off Entries
Thank you for your interest in entering your creation in our BBQ Cook-Off! You are welcome to enter more than one item—simply click the link at the end of this form to "submit another response" to provide information about your second (or third, or fourth) entry. Because this is a neighborhood dinner as well as a competition, a minimum of five (5) pounds of meat is required for each entry. Children are welcome to enter, but each competitor under the age of eighteen (18) must be accompanied by a legally responsible adult.
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What would you like us to call your culinary creation?
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We will have people and events on-site all day on Saturday. You are welcome either to set up to smoke/grill/otherwise prepare your entry on site or to prepare it elsewhere and bring it ready to eat. Which is your preference?
Please help us support your cook-off entry by telling us a bit about how you plan to do what you do with your Que.
Weather permitting, we will set up contestants outdoors at long tables (2 to a table, so approximately 4ft. of space apiece) with a chair, a voting jar and a sign naming your entry. What else do you need at your table?
We will provide all our guests with a plate, a cup, a napkin and a fork, and we ask you to provide your own serving utensils, suited to your particular entry. Is there any other type of utensil our guests might need for sampling your entry?
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