Brown Design Workshop Maker Grant Application 2018-2019
Applications accepted on a rolling basis. The suggested deadline for the first round is November 15, 2018.
Read the details before applying!
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Contact Information
Point Person *
Name of the person with whom the BDW should communicate with on all matters of the project.
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Project Members other than Point-Person
If any, with email addresses.
Project Information
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Intended End Date *
Please list a specific end date! We need to know how long you will need the storage space.
Project Description *
Please describe what the project is, and what a "finished" project entails. Break it down into sub-phases if necessary.
Project Timeline *
List specific dates by which you seek to have key components of your project completed. Please keep in mind that we will not be able to help you order materials until after your project is approved, which takes 2-3 weeks in total.
Who will benefit from the project? *
We are keenly interested in those that benefit, or have the potential to benefit, larger populations in the BDW, Brown, Providence, or beyond. Consider making teaching a part of your project!
Why is the BDW necessary? *
i.e. what does the BDW help you accomplish?
How will you document your process? *
A Tumblr? Instagram? Email updates to the BDW Managers?
How will you gauge project success? *
You must plan on attending our end-of-semester BDW showcase. *
Itemized Budget Form
Please complete an Itemized Budget Form for your proposed project. The Word template can be downloaded here:
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Any questions for the BDW Managers?
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