Neko-Neko Hinged Pin

This is the pre-order form for the Neko-Neko Laptop Hinged Pin Design by KityCrylics!


This is a HINGED PIN design, meaning it consists of two pieces and a hinge-mechanism.

Pin Details:
Size: 1.75" wide
Gold plating
Soft Enamel W/ Epoxy
Glitter accents & silk screen accents

Double post back.

Pre Order Promo Price: $20 for 1 pin (normal price: $23) +7% Tax rate
Shipping: $4 USA / International $7
* Pre order limit 1 pin per customer *

Estimated Arrival: February 2021. Please note the final color clarity/glitter outcome will vary from the mockup!

Please provide your contact email & PayPal email in the specified areas below.
* Important* Please make sure to triple check your info before submitting. I will be emailing everyone to let them know when invoices go out etc!

Invoices will go out November 23rd. Customers will have a grace period of 3 days to pay their invoices. Unpaid Invoices will be cancelled November 26th.

Pre-order promotional price will expire after 30 spots have been claimed and the form will close.
(16/30 spots claimed)

Email address *
If you are interested in 1 pin, please provide your PAYPAL EMAIL to receive an invoice on Nov.23rd *
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If you are wanting to order but need an alternative payment method, please let me know below and I will email you! :)
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