Grants for Empowering Teachers (GET) Application
As a benefit to membership, MAST has established the GET opportunity for educators (formal and informal) to purchase non-consumables that engage and enrich student learning.

This grant opportunity is open to all MAST members. You must be a current MAST member to apply. To join MAST, please see our website below:

This year five $200 awards will be presented to applicants who demonstrate the use/value of a particular item for their students and science education.

Within a year and a half, recipients are required to share evidence of student engagement. Possible presentation forms may include photographs and an article in the MASTHead, a poster for the MAST annual fall conference, or a presentation at that conference. Evidence may include photographs, drawings, quotes, videos, essays, artwork, etc. Recipients are encouraged to post on social media and include a link to the grant Awardees will receive one day complimentary membership to the MAST Annual conference to share their work.

Examples of non-consumables:
Science equipment: microscopes, balances, etc
Lab Materials: rocks and mineral samples, motors, etc
Technology: Probes, thermal camera, build-able technology kits, robotics kits
Resources: textbooks/leveled readers/non-fiction texts

*Subscriptions to journals or memberships in organizations are not included. If you seek funding for professional development please see the Elaine Adams Professional Development Grant at

If you have any questions about this award please email:

Application deadline: May 20, 2017

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