Valencia Teacher Presenter Proposal: Deadline Friday, September 28, 2018
The Steering Committee would like to thank you for offering to present at the 2019 ELMLE Conference, The Art and Science in Middle School, which will be held in Valencia, Spain.

Middle grades educators from around the world gather at the European League of Middle Level Education (ELMLE) Annual Conference. This conference promotes dialogue, learning, and exploration of topics critical to schools and individuals dedicated to the education, development, and growth of students ages 10-15 years old. We are interested in sessions that include practical, hands-on solutions and theoretical, research-based presentations. Our goal is to offer a varied program selection in which the professional middle grades educator can find what they need to support their professional learning goals.

All presenters are required to register for the full ELMLE Conference January 25 and January 26, 2019. We are pleased to offer those individuals with accepted proposals a €50 discount on their registration cost (if more than one presenter the €50 discount will be split).

Please complete this form and click submit. Once your proposal has been received, we will send you a confirmation e-mail within 48 hours. An e-mail will also be sent to your administrator who must approve your proposal.

If you have not received confirmation within this time frame, please contact Mike Murray at

Proposal Review Process
Proposals are read as part of a juried process by the Steering Committee. Applicants will be notified of their proposal’s status after the Program Review Committee’s evaluation of all entries (October 15, 2018).

Applicants must:

• Develop a proposal that is relevant and significant to middle level education. Ideally, it is in line with our theme "The Art and Science of Middle School".
• Clearly describe the main objective(s) for the proposed presentation.
• Indicate the intended audience (e.g., teachers, administrators) as well as the level of the workshop (e.g., beginner, advanced, everyone).
• Ensure the title reflects the content of the proposal.

Presenter Details
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Proposal Details
The ELMLE Steering Committee uses your submitted proposal to decide on the best combination of sessions at our annual conference and to create the program and conference handouts. For this reason, we ask that you carefully review your title, description, and presenter names, as these will be used for publishing if your proposal is accepted.
All sessions are 60-minute and address a variety of topics appropriate to middle level education. Innovative instructional methods, trends, and special programs are featured. Each concurrent session is assigned to a session room.

Deadlines: Completed proposals are accepted April 23, 2018 to September 28, 2018. No late applications will be considered. Applicants will be notified via email of their selection status by October 15, 2018. ELMLE is pleased to announce that those individuals with accepted proposals will receive a €50 discount on their registration cost.

Conference Strands
Adapted with permission from the Association for Middle Level Education (AMLE). Proposals should align with one of the conference strands outlined below.

A: Creating a Culture that Makes a Difference
Effective schools take responsibility for creating a culture that focuses on relationships, trust, and respect in addition to fostering the academic success of students. A successful school for young adolescents is an inviting and safe community that encourages learning. Teachers, staff, and students learn and put into practice the skills of direct feedback, healthy and appropriate confrontation, positive risk taking, and personal and collaborative goal setting. An emphasis on health, wellness, and safety permeates the entire school. Interactions among staff members and between students reflect democracy and fairness. Like young adolescents, the climate of developmentally responsive middle grades schools requires constant nurturing.

B: Principal and Teacher Leadership that Transforms
Courageous, collaborative middle grades leaders are knowledgeable about the characteristics and needs of young adolescents. Leaders understand the theory and best practice of middle level education. They strive to educate colleagues, parents, policymakers, and community members. Courageous, collaborative leadership empowers people to make difficult decisions addressing the education and well-being of each young adolescent.

C: High Impact Classroom Strategies
Middle school educators recognize that covering content and learning are not synonymous. The curriculum of a successful middle level school must also be relevant, challenging, integrative, and exploratory. Curriculum also must be integrative and coherent, must help students connect school experiences to their lives outside school, and must encourage students to reflect on the totality of their experiences. Educators serve their students well when they model inclusive, collaborative, and team-oriented approaches to learning. Continuous, authentic, and appropriate assessment and evaluation provide information and evidence about a student’s learning progress. Such information and data help students, teachers, and family members select immediate learning goals, evaluate growth, and plan teaching and learning strategies.

D: Characteristics of High Performing Middle Schools
School structures and organization have a great impact on student learning. Teams are often considered the heart of an effective middle grades school. Effective teams lead to improved student achievement, increased parental contacts, and enhanced school climate and student attitudes. Successful schools for young adolescents also have carefully crafted transition programs for moving from elementary to middle and middle to high, as well as college and career-ready cultures, and flexibility in scheduling, grouping, and staffing.

Please select the strand from above that is most aligned to your proposal.
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Administration & School Details
Your proposal must have approval of your administrator. We will contact him/her directly for approval.

Please ensure accuracy of the following section. Check for the correct email address and title of your direct supervisor.

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Equipment Agreement
I understand the room for my presentation will be equipped with a digital projector, screen and speakers. I need to bring my own laptop, Apple dongle adaptor (if necessary), and other required materials. *
Conference Registration Agreement
I understand that upon acceptance of my proposal, I am responsible for my own registration form and costs to attend the conference. *
Presenters who are selected will receive a €50 discount.
Data Protection Agreement
ELMLE makes every effort to comply with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). We take the protection of your data seriously. Please indicate your agreement to the following statements if your proposal is accepted so that we may use your information for our conference.
I understand that ELMLE will keep my personal data secure to the best of its ability. My name and email address will be kept on file in order to communicate with me regarding details of the conference and will be deleted following the conference.
I give ELMLE permission to use my name and likeness, my school's name, and session information that I provide in the program, newsletters, emails, and on its website and app for conference promotion and/or training. This information will remain on the website as historical information.
I give ELMLE permission to provide copies of my presentation and/or handouts to conference participants. This information will remain on the website as historical information.
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Consider submitting an article for one of our publications!

ELMLE recognizes the contribution of published Newsletter authors with a €50 discount for the next ELMLE conference. For contributions to the annual journal, Bridge in the Middle, we offer a €100 discount, per article, on registration.

For more details please see our website or contact Michelle Mugatha at for more information.

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