Sustainable Development Goals Nonprofit Sector Survey
Thank you for your participation in this survey, administered by the domestic 501(c)(3) nonprofit, the California Green Academy ("CalGreen,"  There are a total of 23 required questions in this survey, and completion of the survey will help us better understand the Sustainable Development Goals and potential nonprofit implementation. (CalGreen's official news release for the survey can be located here:

All responses are considered anonymous, and we value your privacy.

For more information, including to be kept-up with further survey progress and development, please email CalGreen at:, or contact us, via our office phone, at +01 916.750.4369.  Thank you, and enjoy the survey!
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What type of nonprofit are you affiliated with? *
What is the staff size of your nonprofit? (Not including volunteers.) *
Is your nonprofit recognized by the IRS?  (Example: Section 501(c) or 508 recognition.) *
Is your nonprofit recognized by the California Franchise Tax Board, or your state's IRS-equivalent agency? *
How many years old is your nonprofit? *
What is the focus / specialization of your nonprofit? (Health, social services, environment, community development, etc.) *
What is your nonprofit's geographic focus area? *
Have you heard of the United Nations' "Sustainable Development Goals" ("SDGs")? *
If you have heard of the SDGs, what has been you and/or your nonprofit's interactions with them, as of now?
What sector do you feel the SDGs “pertain to” the most? *
If you selected "Other" above, which sector?
Do you feel the sector just mentioned is adequately implementing the SDGs? *
How strongly do you feel the SDGs are for the nonprofit sector's / NGO's involvement? *
Not Strongly
Very Strongly
Do you believe adopting and/or implementing the SDGs, has an appropriate place in the work of nonprofit organizations, whether through governance, administration, service delivery, collaborations, etc.? *
Which geographic focus do you feel would be able to take part in / accomplish the SDGs the best?  ("Organization" described below includes public charities, foundations, and churches / religious groups.) *
If you selected "Other" above, please explain.
Do you feel there is an opportunity - financially, programmatically, professionally, etc. - with the nonprofit sector adopting / implementing the SDGs? *
Not Likely
Very Likely
What sector is currently doing the best with SDG adoption / implementation? *
Can the sector mentioned above possibly improve SDG adoption / implementation, and how?
If many, or most nonprofits, are not aware of the SDGs, why do you believe this is so? *
What would be the best way to educate the nonprofit sector about the SDGs? *
Based on your response above, what is the best single educational source for this to take place? *
If your selection above is "Multiple Sources" or "Outside the Sector / Other," please briefly describe.
Please briefly review the PDF handout located at: (The handout is also attached below, as an image.)  Do you feel you have a general understanding of the "Three-Tiered Model"? *
Captionless Image
Do you believe the "Three-Tiered Model" visual (the image you see below) would be effective for increasing nonprofit SDG education? (Pictured below is the California Green Academy's Three-Tiered Model.) *
Captionless Image
Do you believe greater understanding and proliferation of the "Three-Tiered Model" process (the procedure described in the prior handout), would result in more nonprofits taking-part in SDG adoption / implementation? *
Do you believe the "Three-Tiered Model" process would result in YOUR nonprofit taking-part in SDG adoption / implementation? *
What major incentive(s) could promote SDG adoption / implementation in nonprofits? *
Is there any perspective you would like to add?
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