New World Magischola Scholarship Application
We recognize that it takes a lot of Lion Dollars to experience the magic. Here's your chance to have your amazing Wizard School experience at a substantially reduced cost. Thanks to a generous donor, we are able to offer subsidized tickets to New World Magischola for 2017.

We are accepting applications from students and those who are experiencing a financial hardship, for four tiers of scholarship for reduced price tickets. Applicants may select the following options:

Tier 1: $125 scholarship, recipient pays $450 vs. $575
Tier 2: $200 scholarship, recipient pays $375 vs. $575
Tier 3: $275 scholarship, recipient pays $300 vs. $575
Tier 4: $300 scholarship, recipient pays $275 vs. $575
Any tier: applicants can ask to be considered for any tier ticket

A limited amount of subsidized tickets are available at each tier, with fewer tickets at tiers 3 and 4.

NWM Organizers are the only ones who will receive your information submitted on this form. The organizers will remove your name from your application and assign it a number. The organizers will send all applications to a panel of readers, who will review applications and submit recommendations for recipients at each tier to the organizers, who will have the final say.

Applications are due no later than midnight EST on April 10, 2017.

Scholarship recipients will be announced April 15, 2017.

Upon payment of the subsidized ticket price (minimum deposit for payment plan or paid in full), recipients will be added to the roster and receive their characters.

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